2013 Reunion Info

2013 Linenfelser Family Reunion

Hello Family!!!!

It’s that time again for our annual Linenfelser Family Reunion!!!! It seems that everyone likes the location that we’ve had for the past two years, so I reserved the same shelter at the Lake Erie Metro park.

The date is: Sunday, August 11Th

The Muskrat Shelter, same as the past years.

I’m asking for suggestions on the time. Seems in the past we’ve started at noon, but people don’t really start arriving till one or two o’clock. (leaving a few of us to sit and wait for the rest of the group.) Should we start it later, or leave it at noon, just need a little input on that please.

The cost of the shelter increased from $150.00 to $200.00. I was surprised that it went up that much, but thought that we didn’t have much of a choice. If it’s that much there, chances are it went up at every other park also. I have $38.00 overage from last years donations, therefore, leaving the balance at $162.00. If we all chip in a little we should be able to cover it. Thank you to all of those in the past for your generous donations!!!!!

Would love to see more of our younger family members attend, as we have a hard time playing volleyball these days with all of us “old” people. The old wrists, elbows, knees, backs….etc. just aren’t what they used to be!!! A special Thank You to Scott for bringing and setting up the net all these years!! And to those who bring they’re canopies also, the more shade the better. They really come in handy!!! Looking forward to another beautiful day of visiting, eating and hanging out with those we love!!

If anyone knows of a family member whose address is not above, please forward the info to them, and let me know they’re address so I can add them to my contacts.

As usual, please bring: chairs, a dish to pass, silverware and plates for your own group, beverages for your group, and any games you wish to play. Alcohol is permitted in the park in cans, no glass or hard liquor.

See everyone soon!!! Any questions my phone # is 734-560-4723, call or text.

Love, Sally (Linenfeler) Seymour

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